Dawlish baby and toddler music groups starting soon!

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Little Music Maker Dawlish sessions start on Monday September 23rd. Although Rowan starts school in September, he is only going afternoons for the first 2 weeks.

I am hoping to start Teignmouth sessions in October. It looks like they will be on Fridays mornings, but this hasn’t been finalised yet. I will post as soon as things are sorted.

If you would like a place in either Dawlish or Teignmouth, please contact me. Enjoy the rest of the holidays 😉

Please note that the timing for the Dawish classes has changed, please see the main web page for details.

4 thoughts on “Dawlish baby and toddler music groups starting soon!

  1. I would love to bring my baby to a session in teignmouth. We are a musical family and have encouraged musical play from birth. Please let me know if this will go ahead and how to book. Thank you.

  2. Hi Emma,

    I’m sure the lessons will go ahead, but not until around October half term. I’ll reserve you a place, as I’m actually booking up already. What’s your little one’s name and age? I’ll contact you when I have definite start dates. Looks like the Teignmouth groups will be on a Friday morning.

    Thanks for your interest, Cecilia

  3. That’s great thank you. She’s called Lola and she is nearly 14 months old. Yes please email me if you can with the start date as we would love to come along! X


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