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Helping you share music with your child

Little Music Makers: for children aged 6 months to 5 years of any and all abilities.

At Little Music Makers, you and your child will experience the joy of music together. We focus on singing. We learn simple unaccompanied songs, and use these to develop your child’s musicianship. Each half term is based around a theme and a musical concept, for example, by the sea and dynamics. Although I plan each class carefully, I like to be led by you and your child’s needs and preferences- sometimes we just go with the musical flow!

At Little Music Makers, your child will experience:

Simple, unaccompanied songs: We use these to help your child explore musical concepts such as pitch, pulse and rhythm. After learning the song we might march in a circle, feeling the pulse in our steps. We might later add chime bars or other tuned percussive instruments.

Solo Singing: This is designed to train your child’s inner ear, boost their self- esteem and encourage turn taking. The solo songs are very simple but don’t worry, you will not be forced to sing by yourself!

Peekaboo games: This is an important game that your child will enjoy over and over (and over!) again. We sing a range of peekaboo songs. They show your child that just because an object is out of sight, it doesn’t mean it has gone forever.

Jogging songs: These help your child to feel the pulse of the music in a fun way.

Movement: These are designed so you and your little one can “feel” the music with your whole body.

Percussion instruments: Your child can choose an instrument from the basket. You tap the pulse gently on your little one, while they explore the instrument. If your child is a little older, they will explore different ways to play the instruments, creating different dynamics and qualities of sound. They may also play some simple pentatonic accompaniments or drones.

Listening: Your child will listen to sound effects to train the ear and aid their concentration.

Bubbles: Your child will love popping bubbles with castanets! This develops their coordination, eye tracking and fine motor skills.

Special Music Makers: for primary aged children with additional needs.

Your child will experience many of the activities from the Little Music Maker programme. You and your Special Music Maker will also use some Makaton signing. PECS symbols will be used so you will know what’s coming next.

Your child will practise turn taking, social communication and social interaction skills… all through music.

The sessions are adapted to suit the needs of your child, so please let me know if you are planning to come. For example, are there any sensory issues I need to be aware or?

There is easy wheelchair access into the church, and there are disabled toilets, should you need them.

My Timetable (term time only)

  • Monday Mornings: 2 groups in Dawlish- See Here
  • Monday late morning: Singing in care homes- See here
  • Monday after school: Special Music Makers in Dawlish- See Here
  • Wednesday early evening: Private Violin teaching- See Here
  • Thursday lunchtime: Violin at Westcliff School- See Here
  • Friday Mornings: 2 groups in Teignmouth- See Here
  • Friday Afternoons: Singing @ Palm Court care home. – See Here

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